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Accessibility Information


Moving Around the Exhibition

The exhibition is on level 4, with both lift and ramp access. It contains three distinct sections: 

1. When you first enter the gallery, you will find yourself in a large, low-lit space. At the centre of the space are nine empty flagpoles, which cast shadows across the floor. The light in this space will change - moving from dawn, to dusk, and back again. The shifting of the light will continue to repeat. There is lots of space around the flagpoles, but they have heavy bases to keep them steady, which you could trip on.

2. Beyond the flagpoles, you will find the síbín. From the outside, it looks like a stone roundhouse, but inside it resembles an unlicensed drinking establishment. The door to the síbín narrows slightly due to the booths on either side, but should still provide enough room for wheelchair access. There will be tables in the centre of the síbín, but our staff can move these if you require some more space. The inside of the síbín is much more brightly lit than the rest of the space. When you enter the síbín, there will be a holy water font to your left, which contains whiskey – you might be able to smell it as you pass. There are places to sit inside.

3. Inside the síbín a film will play on loop. There are two speakers and at times, the film contains some music and loud, droning noises. Any speech in the film has subtitles. There is a second film playing on a small television which is silent. There are booths along the walls and tables in the centre of the room. Please be careful as you move through the space. You are welcome to sit in the booths, and watch the film. You can touch the objects that are on the tables, but please do not touch anything on the hooks, shelves or bar. There may be packets of crisps on the tables - feel free to take one, but please wait until you are back in the atrium or café before opening. Even tiny crumbs can attract pests that might damage the collection objects - please help our conservation team to keep our collections safe.

Once you are ready to leave the síbín, you will move down a corridor towards a banner. In the space beyond, you will find more banners, and an area to reflect on the exhibition. Please do not touch the banners. There is another film playing here, with no sound, projected on to the wall. When you are ready to leave, there is a feedback station at which you can share your thoughts and provide the museum with feedback on the exhibition - we value any feedback you would like to share here, as your thoughts help us plan future exhibitions!

Additional resources

A booklet with this information, and large-print versions of the labels, are available in the gallery.

If there are any other aids that would help you engage with the exhibition more comfortably, please let us know in the feedback area. We want to make the museum welcoming and accessible to all.

We have also created sign interpreted versions of the film which plays in the central síbín space, in both Irish and British sign language. They are available via the below links:

British Sign Language 

Irish Sign Language