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Objects in the Elements exhibition display cases at Ulster Museum
Event type
Temporary Exhibition

Our 'Elements' exhibition will take you on a voyage, from the rocks beneath your feet to the most distant and ancient reaches of the universe. Everything, from microscopic viruses to vast galaxies, is made from elements. In our unique exhibition, the only one of its kind in Europe, you can find out what Elements look like, where they are made, how we use them and when they are considered dangerous. 

Start your Elements exploration with a journey through our stunning 3D display of the Periodic Table. You might be surprised by how many elements have a direct link to our everyday lives, like the use of lead, mercury and arsenic for the creation of cosmetics and medicines. Explore the different themes of 'Elements' including Life and Death, Colour and Light, and Progress and Technology. You'll find a rich and fascinating variety of art, history and science related objects throughout the gallery. 

Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast series "Elementary My Dear", for a fascinating insight into some of the most common elements in the world around us.