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Exploring the Troubles and Beyond

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Troubles and Beyond Gallery at Ulster Museum

This workshop is a unique active learning experience designed to enhance KS3 & KS4 pupil understanding of the background, contested perspectives and impact of the NI Troubles.  A context-building object handling activity will lead into a guided visit to the Troubles and Beyond gallery. The class will be introduced to the ethos of the exhibition and supported to make sensitive, informed, and balanced interpretations. Deeper enquiry and reflection on key events or themes will be facilitated as pupils work in groups to investigate and discuss the significance of museum collection material. 

Duration: 1 hr 10 mins

This workshop supports the NI Curriculum:

K4: GCSE History CCEA Unit 1 section B option 2

KS3: History developing pupils as individuals, contributors to society, economy and environment

LLW: Employability, citizenship, and personal development. 

Cross curricular skill development TSPC

£60 per class