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A school trip to the Ulster Museum wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of our Discovery Centres! We have a skilled team of facilitators in these child-centred, interactive spaces to help your pupils investigate real museum objects and provide opportunities to be creative. Our FREE programme of Discover More workshops for schools covers a wide range of topics suitable for children in pre-school and up to Key Stage 2, including pupils who have special educational needs and disabilities. We aim to help build your pupil’s social, sensory and practical skills in a positive environment and spark their curiosity!

Choose from a range of FREE 30-min hands-on guided investigations, story sessions or creative activities delivered by our Discovery Centre team.

*Please note: Discover More sessions must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance

Discover More... History

  • Playing in the past
  • Dressed for battle
  • Home sweet home
  • Edison and Sound
  • Walk around the world
  • WW1 soldier’s tin

Discover More... Nature

  • Sensory story tree
  • Open wide - Who owns these teeth?
  • Gifts from a rainforest
  • Whose skull?
  • Furry woodland friends
  • Treasures under our feet

Discover More... Art

This dynamic evolving space reinvents itself completely every year - connecting key artworks from our collection to engaging and memorable creative activities.

Portraits and Performers 

Guided by our art facilitators, your class will immerse themselves in the experience of becoming the artist, the sitter and the viewer. Starting with looking at portraits on display, children will be encouraged to respond creatively through role play, dress up and puppetry. They will then explore the process of creating their own mini portrait to take home. 

Suitable for foundation, KS1, KS2 and SEND.