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Exploring Troubles and Beyond

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Education - UM - Troubles & Beyond (648 x 656)

This gallery workshop provides a more in-depth opportunity for students to engage in this difficult period in our history, and open up different ways of thinking. We support students in investigating the Troubles as one of the major consequences of partition. They will be introduced to the period through an interactive experience which focuses on issues of cultural identity in Northern Ireland, and then examine the events and different perspectives of the time. There will be an opportunity to actively engage with a range of historical objects and source material and work in groups to research particular aspects and experiences of the Troubles.

Both workshops support multiple areas of the curriculum at Key stage 3 - Environment and society: History, Developing pupils as individuals – personal understanding; Developing pupils as contributors to society – citizenship; Learning for Life and Work: Local and Global Citizenship, and at Key Stage 4: GCSE History 2: Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its Neighbours, 1965–98