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Education - UM - The World & Us (648 x 656)

Exploring Identity & Environment

This brand new cross-curricular programme for Key Stage 3 gives students the opportunity to discover how humans express their cultural identities and interact with the natural world. Your class will learn more about the indigenous peoples of the Arctic – from their traditions, tools and spiritual practices, to the importance of the polar wildlife around them. They will learn how climate change and global conservation efforts affect indigenous peoples and animals in the Arctic, and how the way forward is not always clear-cut. The students will also visit the art galleries and discover how artists explored their cultural identity closer to home, by painting the landscape and people of the west of Ireland.

Finally, there will be an opportunity for pupils to reflect on how their own cultural identities are linked to the world around them and consider how they can have a positive impact on both local and global issues.

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Explore some ethical dilemmas arising from scientific developments

Investigate the effects of pollution and specific measures to improve and protect the environment

Explore the importance of biodiversity, how it impacts on our lives and how it is affected by human activity

Investigate what can be done to conserve and promote biodiversity


Environment and society: History

Developing pupils as individuals: Explore issues related to spiritual awareness: spiritual beliefs and legacy of civilisations

Developing pupils as contributors to the Economy and the Environment: Investigate the need to preserve history in the local and global environment


Environment and society: Geography

Developing pupils as individuals: Explore issues related to spiritual awareness: diversity and beauty of the natural and human world

Developing pupils as contributors to Society: Develop an understanding of how people in different places interact with their environment

CitizenshipLearning for Life and Work: Local and global citizenship: investigate factors that influence individual and group identity
Art & Design

Enjoy and appreciate the work of artists and designers

Examine works to learn about the past and present, our own and other cultures