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Awesome Animal Adaptations

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Education - UM - Animal Adaptations (648 x 656)

How do turtles protect themselves? How does a fox hunt its prey? What are some of the animal world’s most unusual survival methods? These are some of the questions your class will be encouraged to explore in this brand-new learning session for Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3. Pupils will have the chance to get hands-on with some real animal specimens from the museum’s collection, and examine their adaptations up close.

We will explore what adaptation is and how it helps animals to survive in different habitats. Your class will discuss how an example species is well-adapted to its lifestyle, before applying this thinking to other animals, using observational skills to support their ideas. The main group activity will feature a rotation of tasks including: How are these two different animals adapted to the same habitat? How is this predator adapted to hunt this prey? Where do you think this mystery animal lives based on its adaptations? The class will also venture out into the Nature galleries, using what they have learned to identify how the animals they see survive some of the harshest conditions on the planet!