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Primary school age kids sitting on the wooden floor of an art gallery in Ulster Museum drawing.

There is no substitute for experiencing works of art first-hand. A gallery tour gives students a chance to understand scale, texture, colour and materials by encountering real paintings and sculptures. By focusing on a small number of works in our collection, we will take time to practise skills of critical analysis and use specialist vocabulary, with an emphasis on developing an understanding of historical and cultural context.Group discussion will help students develop aesthetic awareness and critical judgement. It will also give them insights into their own creative practice and how it relates to the work of artists and makers in our collection.

General tours will focus on gallery highlights available at the time, but if teachers have specific themes, periods or artists in mind, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs. A creative workshop in the gallery is also available as an option.

Tour: 40 mins | Free

Workshop:  60 mins | £60 per class