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Discover Nature

Get hands-on with specimens and discover the wonders of our natural world

A girl in the tree at discover nature

Discover Nature encourages visitors to explore the wonders of our natural world with 'Animals on the Move', and learn about the different challenges our world faces. Specimens on display can be touched and handled, while hand lenses allow close inspection of objects such as the insects in the drawers.

Get in touch with your inner scientist, humanitarian and explorer;

  • It’s a bugs life! Look out for different species in our drawers, full of specimens, and grab a magnifier to take a closer like (if you’re brave enough) 
  • Practise your scientific skills using our electric microscope to zoom in and out and focus on the minute details of the world around us. 
  • Delve into the prehistoric era with 'Design-my-Saurus'
  • Climb inside our sensory tree to explore nature and sound, and see how many baby animals you can spot!
  • Take the whose skull? challenge and work out which skull belongs to which creature. 
  • Take in the panoramic views over the Botanic Gardens and Friar Bush Graveyard

Discovery Centres are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Please enquire on arrival as it may not always be possible to gain access to all or some of the centres during your visit. 

From Discover Nature, you’ll also see panoramic views over the Botanic Gardens and Friars Bush Graveyard!