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Discovery Centres

The Ulster Museum interactive discovery centres, Discover Art, History and Nature offer unique and exciting learning experiences to people of all ages. They are the places to get your hands on some of the most unusual and fascinating items from the collections.

Two girls looking into a drawer, Ulster Museum
Ulster Museum's Discovery Centre Opening Times: Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00
Discovery Centres can be booked by school groups, so it may not always be possible to gain access to all or some of the centres during your visit.

Discover Art offers a creative space to reflect, explore art processes and connect with each other. A welcoming place where everyone can  take  inspiration from our collection in a playful, relaxed and experimental way.

Discover History offers a unique learning experience by providing an opportunity to make connections between how people lived in the past and our lives today.

A diverse selection of artefacts from historical periods and world cultures will be available for investigation. Through the exploration of real objects visitors become aware of various skills that can be used to find out about the past and why history has a relevance to themselves.

Discover Nature encourages visitors to explore the wonders of, and challenges faced by our natural world. Specimens on display can be touched and handled, while hand lenses allow close inspection of objects such as the insects in the drawers.